St. Paul's Epsicopal Church | Maumee, OH

In 2011, St. Paul’s Vestry created the Outreach Committee to bring together the ministry of the former Women of St. Paul’s and other parish projects. The Committee’s main function is to distribute funds through a grant process that is funded primarily by two money making projects, the biannual church Rummage Sale and the Christmas Auction. Members of the parish may submit grants for an activity or organization that would be a good project for parish outreach. The Outreach Committee reviews each project based on its merits, impact, and how it aligns with the traditions and mission of our church. The Committee welcomes any and all suggestions, and discusses and prioritizes each one. Through this process, the committee chooses grant recipients and makes its recommendations to the vestry. The vestry presents its approved recommendations to the parish for a vote at the annual parish meeting. The process begins and ends with the parish; the committee is only a vehicle for grant review and recommendation.
Under the umbrella of the Outreach Committee falls well-lead, year round projects: Under One Roof, Christmas Auction, Angel Tree, Gift to the Christ Child, Youth Mission Trip, School Supplies, Peru Scholarships, and Lenten Project. As a parish, we value our dedication to outreach ministries and continue to look for new and innovative ways of reaching out to our community. 
If outreach is a passion of yours and you would like to become more involved, please contact the Outreach Chair through the church office.

The Outreach Committee dedicates itself to realizing God's Kingdom on Earth serving those in need, year round, regardless of age, race, religion, or situation.









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