Mission Trip Report

Eleven teens and two Chaperones traveled to Beattyville KY for the annual youth mission Trip. 

Our trip was June 20 – 25.  We installed drywall on a home that was damaged in the Kentucky River flood on March 1.  The water reached four feet inside the home.  Just about everything inside the house was destroyed, including the car that was fully submerged up to the roof.  The owner is a 74 yr woman named Alma.  She was sleeping in the home with her grandchildren, 8 and 2 yrs when the flood waters came.  They were evacuated by boat.  

A previous charity organization gutted the house last Spring.  Our job was to install new drywall.  Honestly, it was the most overwhelming project I have ever encountered on any mission trip.  The kids worked incredibly hard.  I am so proud of them.  

The kids are:  

Eric Board, Maggie Cox, Taylor Eley, Bekah Hazard, Leah Kenyon, Ben Kleparek, Libby LaPlante, Patrick Martz, Lucas Polkinghorn, Bekah Vasquez, & Zeke Vasquez.

The chaperones were Lori and me.  

We wanted to paint, but the drywall took too much time.  We were also held up with some sewer drain issues in the bathroom.  So we did not start the drywall in the bathroom.  

The bathroom must be completed before Alma can move back into the house.  She is currently staying with her son and grandchildren at the top of the mountain.  Her house is down in the valley on the Kentucky River.  

I am thinking of ways to get her bathroom finished.  I am exploring the option to use the Almoner’s fund/ Rector’s discretionary.  Another option is a trip back for a few days.  It would be fun to take a few adults for a three day weekend.  Well, I am praying for Alma and I am grateful for everything the kids did.  They worked incredibly hard!  I am so proud!