I hope you are doing well. I have a pastoral concern and I seek your help. Specifically, I am asking for volunteers to clean a Maumee home. This is a domestic violence issue and I can only share general information. I am trying to help a Maumee mother with four boys, ages 7 to 14.  The father has been removed from the home by court order. The home is in a hoarder state.  Help is needed to remove trash from the basement of the house. The mom describes the scene like what you might see on a hoarder reality TV show. I am hoping to do this on Saturday, August 20. We will order a dumpster. The plan is to fill the dumpster and then access the basement for cleaning needs.  

Please if any able bodies are willing to volunteer, we can likely finish this project in a couple of hours. I haven’t seen the house. I have only spoken with the mom. Contact me to sign up. 

More details will be available for the sign-up crew. 

Peace, Paul