B&G is asking for a group to meet after the 8am service on Sunday October 9th.

Our main project is tree trimming. If the group is large enough there will be electrical work for the preschool to complete as well.

·       Tree Trimming: There is section on the east side of the parking lot that needs cut back significantly.  

·       Electrical: We would like to continue converting light fixtures to LED. This phase will take place in EWP classrooms.

Sub sandwiches for will be provided by St. Paul’s. If you have pruners, hedge shears, loppers, or pole saw, or chainsaw please bring them.

Electrical work will require a beginner level understanding of electrical. If you have experience changing a light fixture, or outlets you are qualified. If you have wire cutters, screwdriver, multimeter and/or continuity tester please bring them.

Please RSVP to Todd Deye by email or phone so we can plan accordingly.

Todd’s cell: 419-349-2056, email: Todd.Deye@ymail.com