St. Paul’s will have a Bishop’s visit on September 15. To prepare for this date, we will hold a series of Adult Confirmation or Baptismal preparation classes. These classes are for new members at St. Paul’s, new Episcopalians, new Christians, or members who would simply like to go into deeper study of their faith and the church to which they already belong. If you are seeking to grow spiritually, this could be a great starting point for you!

In the Episcopal Church, adults can be received into the community through Baptism, Confirmation, Reaffirmation, or Reception. Baptism is the full initiation rite into the church. Confirmation/Reaffirmation/Reception are opportunities for older teens and adults to make a mature and public reaffirmation of their faith and commitment to live according to the promises made at their baptisms as a member of our church family at St. Paul’s.

Adult Confirmation classes will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 7 PM beginning August 7 and continuing through September 11. Please contact Paul (on vacation through much of July) or Jennifer with questions or to indicate interest in participating.