The Outreach committee has created three new advocacy teams:

  1. Reconciliation
  2. Environmental Stewardship
  3. Monthly Community Meals

The Reconciliation team is examining justice issues of immigration rights, refugee resettlement, and racial understanding.  A first project has been to examine the viability of using the Dudley House as transitional housing for refugees.

The Environmental Stewardship team is headed by Larry Wagner and will convene again in January to make arrangements for monthly speakers on environmental issues.  Click here for resources from the Episcopal Church on creation care.

The Monthly Community Meals team is up and running with Stephanie Mattoni and Jane Weber helping to oversee the plans.  The meals will take place monthly on the first Sunday at 6 PM.  Set-up and clean-up volunteers, donations of food items,, and greeters are still needed!  Our next meal will be February 10th due to the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

ALL are invited to participate in any of these teams.  Each team will help the parish by providing education about the issue, leading opportunities to write legislators to affect policy about these issues, and coordinating hands-on ministry about these issues.

You are welcome to get involved for one project or for many.  This is a great way to do hands-on ministry and advocacy together around issues that matter to you.  See Jennifer with any questions or to convene a new team!

-Jennifer Vasquez