January 19, 11:30am

The annual meeting date has changed.  Vestry has moved the annual meeting to January 19, up from February.  The purpose is to address a financial concern in the 2020 budget.  We do not have sufficient pledge support to sustain parish ministries.   The endowments cannot continue to carry programming at the level we are accustomed to.  

Vestry has decided to present a six-month budget to the congregation for approval.  This means our programming will remain unchanged for now.  Over the next six months, vestry will make difficult and possibly permanent decisions to decrease our spending.  We will then proceed with a second semi-annual meeting, probably in May.  This is necessary to authorize the budget for the remainder of 2020.  The goal is to lower the annual deficit and protect the endowments for the future.  

We will also elect four new vestry members for 3-year terms.  The candidates nominated by vestry are:  Mark Christophono, Will Finnegan, Jennifer Hoelzer, & Carol Sachs.  Nominations may also be taken from the floor, provided the candidate agrees.