We look forward to resuming our almsgiving when we are able to meet again in person! We will make plans after our “physical distancing” has concluded. However, if you have extra time, it’s a great time for simplifying your home and preparing items to donate later!

ALMSGIVING DEFINED: donating money or goods to the poor and performing other acts of charity.

Considering the environmental lens of re-purposing and reusing everyday items, we are asking parishioners to consider exchanging and bringing items during every Sunday of Lent. Each Sunday has a theme, but any item can be brought during any Sunday of Lent – from Sunday, March 1 through Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020. Some items will be donated to local charities, and some items will be for us to exchange, sponsor or re-purpose. If you bring an item during a Sunday when it isn’t the theme, please drop them off in labeled bins near Fr. Paul’s office. Thank you!

Sunday, March 1 – Book Exchange ACTIVITY DURING COFFEE HOUR

Starting March 1, bring in your “already read” books to share! Adult or children’s, fiction, non-fiction – all fine. Feel free to pick up any books left by others. At the end of March, any books left will be removed and donated to charity or the library. For questions, contact Fran or John Board. Good reading and sharing!

Sunday, March 8 – Spring Wardrobe (5 items only) and Athletic Shoes

TO BENEFIT: St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church Clothesline Outreach and Second Soul Shoe/More Foundation Group

Two charities and themes – please keep clothing and shoes separated: (1) St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Perrysburg operates a clothing donation mission to help the needy. They would appreciate donations of spring clothing (no winter, please!). They also welcome accessories such as belts, handbags, and jewelry. For this collection, we ask that you limit your gift to no more than 5 items. St. Tim’s has a limited amount of storage space. (2) Athletic shoes are also being collected for Second Sole shoe store in Perrysburg. They partner with the More Foundation Group. MORE Foundation is 100% funded with recycled athletic shoes. Proceeds regenerate forests and jump-start small farming co-ops in West Africa and Central America. Please consider donating gently-used running shoes along with your clothing/accessories donation! For questions, contact Kris Martz. Thank you!

Sunday, March 15 – Like-New Toy Drive for Children in a Shelter

TO BENEFIT: Family House Toledo – the second largest shelter in Ohio

Family House Toledo is currently providing safe housing for 119 people – including 75 children, from newborns to teens. They are in need of toys and activities for these children. They request and appreciate larger toy items for their activity room, such as play kitchens and plastic food. They also request toys that don’t have a lot of pieces, but welcome any like-new toys that will bring excitement to the kids in their care. As an fyi and something to consider for your own household (and outside of this Lenten activity) this charity also accepts and is in-need of household items, such as housewares, small appliances, televisions – except floor models, sheets, towels, blankets, etc. For questions, contact Linda Schellentrager. Thank you!

Sunday, March 22 – Plastic Bag Collection ACTIVITY DURING COFFEE HOUR

Save up all your clean plastic shopping bags, Saran Wrap, baggies, and other light plastic wraps, and bring them to church on March 22nd. We’ll be collecting them for recycling to help reduce their impact on the environment, and maybe we’ll create a potential project together with them.
For questions, contact Jane Weber or Kris Martz. Thank you!

Sunday, March 29 – Sponsor an LED Light at St. Paul’s


“The first phase of implementing the recommendations of the Energy Audit is going to be updating the lighting both inside and outside of the church to LED. LED lights are more efficient, use less electricity, and require less maintenance overall. On Sunday, March 29th, there will be a fundraising campaign where you can sponsor a bulb or maybe even all of the lights in a room at St. Paul’s that holds a special place in your heart. This transition to LED will not only save the church approximately $3,000 per year in electric usage and maintenance, but also improve the quality of light in the church and save approximately 25,000 kWh of energy use. Building and Grounds is planning on having a workday this spring to retrofit the fixtures for us. Please consider contributing to this great cause!” For questions, contact Jaimie Deye. Thank you!

Sunday, April 5 – Prescription Eye Glasses, Sunglasses, and Tote Bags for Medical Mission

TO BENEFIT: Nurse Susan Batten’s Mission Trips to Guatemala

Prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses (either prescription or not) and tote bag collection to benefit medical mission work in Guatemala. Ms. Susan Batten is a nursing professor at UTMC who takes a group of nursing students from UTMC to Guatemala each summer to provide basic
medical care to people in need. Donations of sunglasses and prescription glasses help Guatemalans who suffer from eye damage
due to exposure to the sun. Tote bags are packed with basic medical

supplies that trained volunteers carry with them when they administer health care to people in need. Susan will be joining us for coffee hour for an informal talk on her work in Central America.
For questions, contact Kris Martz. Thank you!