The new time for the Wednesday Healing Service is 6:30pm, beginning August 7. It involves healing prayer, laying on of hands, anointing of oil, and Holy Eucharist. There is no music component and no sermon. The service lasts about 25 minutes.

The sacrament of healing is a long tradition in the church. It is strongly affirmed by scripture and one of three pillars of Jesus’ ministry: to preach, teach, and heal. Jesus healed the sick and sent his disciples on missions of healing. The Book of James (5:14–16a) calls us to anoint the sick and pray for them.

Healing Peter's mother-in-law by John Bridges, 19th century.
Healing Peter’s mother-in-law by John Bridges, 19th century.

Healing prayer in no way detracts from medicine and science. We need our doctors and nurses and pharmaceutical wonders. We are fortunate to have medical advances that didn’t exist in Jesus’ day, or even twenty years ago. Given my Leukemia, I wouldn’t be alive at this point without recent advances in chemotherapy. Twenty-first century medicine saved me. But at the same time, I cannot imagine going through illness without God at my side.

New Testament Greek for heal is therapy, to make well. Θεραπεύω. Another Greek word for heal is sozo, which means save, or whole. It is the same root as the Greek word for salvation. The point of therapy is to make whole, to save. So for me, a balance of science and faith are appropriate for a health regimen. We need medicine and prayer. Again, I cannot imagine going through illness without God at my side.

The healing service on Wednesday evenings is for anyone experiencing illness, whether physical or psychological. It can be disease or distress. It can be for you or on someone else’s behalf. Having someone else pray for you can be a powerful experience. God’s presence is an inspiring feeling on the path to wholeness.

Join us on Wednesdays at 6:30pm beginning August 7. FYI: Bible Study will follow at 7pm beginning September 18.