Season’s Greetings to the Inreach Committee of St. Paul’s,

This e-mail serves as an update on what has been happening with the Inreach Committee in the past two months.

We can be very excited about the special interest groups going on here at St. Paul’s! We can also be very proud of those who stepped up to the plate to chair these groups. Many of our parishioners are joining the activities , which are providing a way to connect with our church family in a social setting!

Co Chairs:
Donna Dick
Karen Smith

An informational meeting was held on Monday, November 5. Eleven women were in attendance. Cynthia Beekly shared a video highlighting the circumstances and cause of the women which DFW supported in October, November and will support in January.
We worked out the details and logistics for our future pot luck dinners, which will be held on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 in the St. Paul’s Parish Hall.
It was decided to keep the potluck dinners simple: soup, salad, bread, and dessert. Our first official DFW meeting/dinner is scheduled for Thursday, January 17 at 6:00.
Our newly formed Maumee Chapter has been registered with the National DFW organization .
As Co-Chairs, Donna and I will attend a planning seassion, Monday December 17, for the March 4, 2019 Toledo Area DFW Chapter Gathering and Celebration of International Women’s Day.
Reminders and details of our January 17 meeting will be sent out to all those who initially signed up for DFW, and those who attended our November Meeting. Announcements will be made inviting all women of St. Paul’s who are interested in joining the group.

Co Chairs:
Joanie Asendorf
Stephanie Mattoni

The first cooking class was held on November 29 @6:00 in St. Paul’s Parish Hall. Ten women were in attendance. Joanie presented various cooking techniques, and directions for holiday appetizers, which were shared with the group! A great time was had by all. They will meet again in January featuring soups and stews. A reminder for the January Class will go out to those who participated in the November class and to those who initially signed up for Cooking Classes. Announcements will be made inviting any parishioner of St. Paul’s who are interested in joining the group.

Jennifer Vasquez

The walking group has been meeting for several weeks now on Saturday Mornings at 9:00 am. At Sidecut (playground), usually walking for 45-75 minutes. The group has had to cancel twice due to cold rain, but otherwise the group plans to be there every week throughout the winter at each person’s discretion and comfort. Several people are planning to join the group once the weather gets better in the spring. There will be a “kick off” event for the walking group in the spring to welcome back those who prefer nicer weather and to invite new people to join. Our walking parishioners are welcome to join the group on saturdays as much or as little as they want! All levels have participated and are welcome.

Paul Board

The first Euchre night was held in St Paul’s Parish Hall on November 10 @ 7:00 pm. Eighteen Euchere playing parishioners were in attendance.
Some of those attending were beginners and some were pros! Those more experienced helped the beginners who eventually got to even play a few hands!
The group brought snacks and drinks and everyone had a great time.
It was decided to continue to meet once a month at 7:00 in the Parish Hall on Saturday’s at 7:00 pm.
The group will meet again after the holidays. Details will be sent out to those who attended in November as well as those who initially signed up. Announcements will be made to remind parishioners that all are welcome!

Larry Wagner

The bus trip plans are off to a good start! A survey was sent out December 10 to all those who initially signed up for this adventure! Todd Deye was kind enough to compile the survey questions generated by Larry and set it up on survey monkey . The responses will be tallied to find out what destination those polled voted for, what time of year, what day of the week, how often per year, what cost do people feel is appropriate, transportation and any other ideas parishioners may have. Once all the surveys are returned and tallied an announcement will be sent to all those who initially signed up. Depending on seats avaialabe, an announcement may be made for any parishioner interested in joining the group.

Please contact me if you have any feedback or questions regarding our St. Paul’s special interest groups!

Merry Christmas and may you be blessed in the New Year,
Karen Smith
Inreach Chair