Friday, December 21

5:30-8:30 PM

Simple dinner at St. Pauls, caroling around the neighborhood, party with hot chocolate

Youth group, families with kids, and adults are all welcome to participate in this fun tradition!  Dress warmly for walking outside.

Particularly as we become more aware of the plight of refugees and asylum seekers, Las Posadas is simultaneously a way to show solidarity with displaced people while also engaging in light-hearted fun with your church family.

Here is some information about the tradition of Las Posadas so that you understand the tradition (we will only hold one night of Posadas):

“The Posadas (Spanish for inn, lodging, or shelter) are an Advent candlelight procession and celebration. In Mexico and some parts of Central America, Colombia,Venezuela, and Ecuador, it
is traditional to hold Posadas during the nine days before Christmas, beginning December 16 and ending December 24. The Posadas are a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s long, frustrating search for a place where Jesus could be born. The tradition re-enacts the story told in Luke 2:1-7—but with a twist: a happy ending with the “innkeeper” welcoming Mary and Joseph into the home.  We learn from the Posadas that by welcoming the poor and the needy, we are welcoming Jesus into our midst. (See Matthew 25:40.)

In Mexico and other countries, neighbors take turns hosting Posadas. Children, adults, and musicians play the parts of Mary and Joseph or carry statues of Mary and Joseph. Together, they go house to house as Christian pilgrims searching for lodging. At one house after another, they ask for lodging,in song, and are turned away, also in song. When the pilgrims reach the final stop of the procession,,an additional verse is sung, in which Mary and Joseph are recognized by the innkeepers and allowed to enter the home. What follows is a fiesta celebrating the innkeepers’ hospitality—and the hospitality of the fiesta’s host—often accompanied by a piñata for the children.”

If you’d like to help with the dinner, music (guitar), or party planning (piñata, anyone?), please contact Jennifer V.