This is exciting news for the kids who worked so hard on the Mission Trip.  More work has been done on Alma’s house so she may return home.

Background:  The kids who participated in the Summer Mission Trip know Alma.  We traveled to Beattyville KY in June.  Alma’s house suffered catastrophic flooding in March from the Kentucky River.  She had four feet of water inside the house.  Our kids repaired the drywall for the entire house.

There was so much more we couldn’t do because of time constraints.  I sent money for a contractor to finish the work.  The bathroom has been installed along with a new kitchen, new doors, new flooring, and paint.  It is a complete restoration.  I am jealous we couldn’t be there to help.  Such fun, although one photo shows 96 degrees inside the house.

I am hoping these pictures make their way to the kid’s phones.  They will understand exactly what they are seeing.  It may be difficult for adults to appreciate what is in the photos.  The kids started with bare studs.  We can all be proud of their hard work and the completion of the project.

Peace, Paul+