Colegio Miguel Pro, Tacna, Peru

Para los miembros de tu parroquia diles que de corazón agradecemos su inestimable y permanente apoyo.

The January Colegio Miguel Pro scholarship drive is now open, and St. Paul’s is continuing its tradition of requesting donations for worthy students attending this K-12 school. An annual scholarship for one student whose family lives on $2.00 a day is only $126, just $41 more than $85 in 2002. Every dollar goes to them and covers their tuition, books, and uniform. There is no middle-man in this outreach; all money is wired directly to the school for scholarships.

Founder of this school, now retired, Fred Greene once wrote to us, These kids wouldn’t have textbooks if it weren’t for their sponsors. We are doing our best to give our students a first class education. We have improved the English program. And, as usual, we are stressing Christian values.

And above, this year from Walter Quispe, Director of Colegio Miguel Pro, For the members of your parish, tell them that from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate your invaluable and permanent support.

If you write a check for scholarships, be sure to include Peru Scholarships on the memo line. If you give cash, include a note designating such.

The Pawuk Family