Most of the time, we must rely on journalists for information about the current situation and conditions at the Mexican border and in the countries where many asylum-seekers and other migrants originate. This special meeting will provide an opportunity to hear from and talk with two eyewitnesses who have traveled to those locations recently and can give us first-hand accounts of both the challenges and the hopeful developments they’ve seen.

Silvia Huth, is co-coordinator of the Province V Migration Ministry Network. She will discuss a recent church mission trip to Guatemala, including what she observed about local conditions that are driving Guatemalens to seek safety and a better life elsewhere. Martin Dickinson is a leader of the sanctuary working group at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Martin will describe his recent pilgrimage to the Arizona/Mexico border, where he met and worked with migrants waiting at a shelter in Mexico and also participated with a volunteer group greeting new arrivals at a remote desert camp just inside the US.  


We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to hear direct and honest testimony about crucial migration issues. All are welcome.

To participate, go to on Tuesday July 16 at 7 pm Central.