St. Paul’s has a Race for the Cure Team!

                Susan G. Komen will host its annual Race for the Cure in downtown Toledo on September 30th. Many members of our parish already participate and donate individually, which is why the In-reach Committee thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to do something offsite as a parish family. We have registered a team to participate in the events that Sunday.

It is easy to join us, just select to be added to the team “St. Paul’s Episcopal Maumee” when you register online for the event. Even if you cannot participate in the event downtown there are other ways to be involved. You can go online and donate to our St. Paul’s team, or come to church on September 30th, when Paul will lead a special intercession for you to offer your prayers as we ‘Race for the Cure’ downtown. Your participation, donations, or prayers will be greatly cherished. 


  1. Go to
  2. Under “Events” at the top, click “Toledo Race for the Cure”.
  3. Under “Register” at the top, click “Join a Team”.
  4. Create an account.
  5. Search for your team using Team Name “St. Paul’s Episcopal Maumee”. Click Go.
  6. Click Join Team.
  7. Select Adult ($30) , Survivor / Living with Breast Cancer ($25), Youth ($20) or Virtual ($30).
  8. Fill out the rest of the questions, then click Next.
  9. Enter payment information.
  10. You’re registered with St. Paul’s!


-Todd Deye, Senior Warden