What an exciting agenda this Team has taken on for the year! In addition to simply working on bringing people together in community, this Team focuses on issues of racial reconciliation, immigration reform, and refugee support.

We discussed working on the following goals throughout 2019:

  1. Participate in intentional conversations using civil discourse methods, perhaps using the “Better Angels” model.
  2. Host anti-racism training for parishioners and staff at St. Paul’s.
  3. Continue to build a relationship with All Saints through lay preacher swaps and choir visitation (among other ways to connect)
  4. Participate in a “Dialogue to Change Toledo” series with an African-American church
  5. Partner with La Conexion’s Immigrant Solidarity Committee, which is forming a coalition of faith leaders to work together for local advocacy
  6. Continue to participate in the West Mission Area’s Commission for Racial Understanding events (details of upcoming events are included in another newsletter post)

As dates and details for these opportunities are determined, we will advertise them, but if you have any questions or want to be a part of making any of these things happen at St. Paul’s, please let Jennifer know!