Be sure to “check out” the library one day soon!

A team has been working this past year to refurbish the library.  Now this area can be used more by the preschool and other groups for meetings and activities.

New books have been cataloged. Shelves are now labeled for easy browsing, e.g., children’s,  meditation, adult fiction, theologians, etc.  Checking out a book is easy, too.

Also, we have been gathering historical church records and artifacts from storage areas around the church.  Marty Wendler and Larry Wagner plan to organize and preserve them to document our wonderful heritage. 

Thanks to Ellen Bernal, Terry Fraker, Linda Weeks, Mary Ann Hagy, Stephanie Mattoni, and Stephanie Pawuk for their work in updating the library.  Kudos to Phyllis Gallo for her past work in professionally organizing the library.

Please come in to browse. Let me know if you have other ideas for making use of the library.

                                                            Jane Baessler