Our Mission

As a ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, we strive to offer an enriching program that nourishes children spiritually, challenges them academically, guides them socially and supports them emotionally.  We believe in providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum which not only prepares children for kindergarten, but also for their future as adults. We encourage parent involvement and value their partnership in offering the best education for our students. 

Our Vision

Elizabeth Wayne Preschool is a community mindful of self, others and the world. Our goal is to make the world a better place by leaving an imprint on the hearts of our students.  We want to encourage them to be the best they can be, to be conscience of others and the world around them.

Our Philosophy

Elizabeth Wayne Preschool strives to provide a high-quality Early Childhood Education Program that follows best practices as prescribed by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This means offering a developmentally appropriate educational environment consisting of hands on experiences through exciting and challenging activities that promote social and emotional, cognitive, physical, learning approaches and language and literacy development.  We believe that each child is unique and on their own developmental and educational journeys.  Our intention is to tailor our program to the individual child to help them grow through the way they learn best. 

Our Classroom

Our classrooms offer hands-on exploration while meeting each child where they are developmentally. We do this by differentiating instruction through intentional teaching.  Teachers observe their students and use the information gained to guide their curricular choices.   Children are intrinsically motivated to learn when they are engaged and active contributors to their education, that is why our classroom environment is guided by student interests.  Classrooms are designed with intention, from the activities on the shelves to the placement of centers, this is done in order to meet children where they are developmentally and through their learning style. We use an emergent curriculum that gives us the flexibility to follow the child’s lead while meeting Ohio Early Learning Standards.  Parents watch their child’s progress through a working portfolio as the school year progresses.



Enrichment Classes



Once each month we join together as school to have Bible time in the sanctuary.  There, children hear bible stories, sing songs and learn “The Big Idea” of the month.  Children learn about God’s love and how Jesus can be our forever friend!

Art Classes
Each class participates in an art enrichment class weekly. The purpose of our art program is to teach the fundamentals of art with inspiration from literature along with classic and modern artists. Each month students will focus on a new concept to explore. Children will make works of art to be displayed at our Annual Spring Art Show.



As part of our vision statement, we implement Yoga on what we like to call Mindful Mondays.  Each Monday we join together in our gym and students have the opportunity to participate in Yoga with our certified instructor.  Yoga has been shown to enhance learning, improve behavior and self-regulation, promote heightened mental, social and emotional health, improve sensory processing, relieve stress, and increase feelings of well-being and self-awareness.