St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Treasurer’s report August 2021


Total endowments are listed at a total of $2,635,389, with the operating endowment showing $698,798. This is an increase of $33,021, including $32,184 in unrealized gain, $2,708 in interest and dividends earned, and $1,771 paid to beneficiary.


Pledge payments and gifts were $18,681 against budget of $32,358. Current month operating total (after endowment transfers, before investment activity) shows a current loss of $11,437 against budgeted loss of $4,568. Year to date net gain is $74,684 against budgeted loss of $29,513. Current period loss is primarily due to pledge payments being under budget, being straight lined in the budget.

Note at the bottom of the income statement we now show “transfer from endowments” and “investment activity”. Previously transfers from endowments would have been shown at the top of the statement as income, and the investment activity would have appeared only in the balance sheet and endowment summary sheet.

Elizabeth Wayne Preschool is showing a year to date loss of $8,922 against budget of -0-. YTD loss is due to tuition income and expense being budgeted straight line.

Under one Roof has an ending balance of $38,617 with an additional $12,323 in gift cards balance. See financial summary for details.

Respectfully Submitted:
Mark Christophono, Treasurer