Worship & Music

Episcopal Liturgy and Worship Services

Anglican worship tends to be Protestant in doctrine and Catholic in appearance and flavor, with rituals and readings, bishops and priests, vestments and ornately decorated churches. Liturgy is a rite or system of rites prescribed for public worship; a customary repertoire or repetition of ideas, phrases, or observances. The Book of Common Prayer, Scripture from Old and New Testaments in the Bible, and the 1982 Hymnal (and alternate grey hymnal) are used in worship and are provided in the pews.

Anglican practices and rituals are primarily found in the Book of Common Prayer, a compilation of liturgy developed by Thomas Cranmer in the 16th century. As with other areas in Anglican practice, much diversity in worship has recently developed around the world, and many different Prayer Books have been issued.

St. Paul’s offers two types of services on Sunday mornings. The early service at 8:00 am follows the Holy Eucharist Rite I and is mostly spoken. The 10:00 service follows Eucharist Rite II and includes hymns, musical responses, and musical offertories.  A healing service is offered on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

The presence of children in worship as equal members of the Body of Christ is a blessing that we celebrate at St. Paul’s!  Children are encouraged to attend worship services with their parents or loved ones.  Participating in meaningful rituals together is the most effective way to share faith with children, and the worship experience of others is enriched by the gifts and leadership of children.

A Rich Tradition of Music

St. Paul’s enjoys great diversity in its music program. The 8:00 am service music is generally kept to a minimum to provide a quiet and reflective atmosphere. The 10:00 am service is more musically influenced. This service is enriched with music from our chancel choir, chimes choir, small vocal or instrumental ensembles or soloists. The hymns sung every Sunday are from the 1982 Hymnal and the Renew: Songs and Hymns for blended Worship Hymnal. 

The parish is blessed to have a 19 rank, newly renovated pipe organ that leads congregational singing with great beauty and strength.  The Muller Pipe Organ Company completed work on the organ in 2018.  A service to dedicate the organ was held in March of 2019, and organ concerts are held annually.

Here at St. Paul’s, we encourage musical eclecticism. Everyone is welcome to share their musical talents with our congregation. If you have a musical offering that you would like to share through participation in a choir, providing a solo, putting together a small ensemble, or any other questions about our music ministry, please contact Brad Cresswell by clicking here.