Greetings from St. Paul’s.  I hope you are well. 

 We will celebrate All Saints this Sunday.  We have recreated the necrology from scratch.  We have always known names were absent from the necrology.  Shayla spent the past year going through records and verifying our records with local cemeteries.  It has been an arduous process and I am grateful for her work.  Sue Cohen has sewn all new slipcovers and Todd Deye has made new boards.  Mary Ross did the graphic design.  I encourage you to come and see it.  I am anxious because the slips are still at the printer at this moment.  It’s been a yearlong project and we are still down to the wire. 

 Remember the Daylight Savings time change this Sunday morning!

 Would you believe our Summer picnics are still going?  Next Wednesday may be our last, but the weather still looks comfortable.  We will meet for dinner at 4:30 at Sidecut.  We are early because sunset will be near 5:30 with the time change. 

Peace, Paul