Please be advised.  Parish members are receiving fraudulent emails from “J Paul Board” asking for Apple Gift Cards or other monetary assistance.   The sender is not my email address.  These are fake, or phishing.   Please do not engage.  
I do not ask for gift cards.  Ministry is never an emergency.  Yes, people can be in crisis, but that never places me in crisis asking for immediate resources from the congregation. Always check the sender email address when you are suspicious. Always confirm through another means other than the suspicious email. Do not click on anything or reply to the fraudulent sender. Clicking confirms to the bad guys you are real.
Lately, I have been getting emails from “iTune”. They tell me of a $500 charge hitting my account. If I want to dispute the charge, I am supposed to “click here” or call a number. I expect when I call I would be asked to verify my account number so they can remove the charge. But iTunes doesn’t send from gmail. They want me to give up my account number.
Please protect yourself and the parish by not engaging. My accounts appear to be safe. I have changed my passwords. I don’t know how the hackers acquired your email addresses. It could be an old parish roster. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.
Peace, Paul Board+