Would anyone like to purchase a boat? Would anyone like to help us sell it? George Leboutillier was gracious and donated his 1954 Lakefield Cedar boat with Evinrude outboard to the parish. It is in wonderful condition. We have kept the engined serviced. The boat is appraised at $5,000. It is kept here at the church.
We sold the boat once a couple of years ago. I found a buyer on the internet, but it turned out to be fraud. He sent us a cashier’s check and wanted us to pay for shipping to Florida. This made us suspicious and we authenticated the check. It was conterfeit and seized by the Secret Service. No sale. Then COVID happened.
I am looking for help to sell it again. I put a valid license plate on the trailer so it can be transported. I can take you or interested buyers for a ride on the river. The proceeds belong to the parish. Please let me know if you can assist.
Peace, Paul