Earth Day is April 22nd this year and during the corresponding week our Environmental Stewardship Team is coordinating a campaign for parishioners and preschool parents to sponsor (provide funding for) new LED lighting throughout the building. Making the change to LED lighting was one of the six main energy conservation measures recommended in our 2019 Energy Audit. LED lights are more efficient, use less electricity, and require less maintenance overall. It will reduce our electrical energy consumption which will save electric costs – and making the change sooner than later will begin reducing the amount of environmental waste at the power plant. This transition to LED will not only save the church approximately $3,000 per year in electric usage and maintenance, but will also improve the quality of light in the church and save approximately 25,000 kWh of energy use. 
In order to take advantage of the benefits of LED at a lower cost to the church, we will be retrofitting our existing interior fixtures to accept LED lights. Each existing fixture will need two LED tubes (instead of four fluorescent tubes), at a cost of $12 per tube. Our “This Little Light of Mine” campaign will allow parishioners and preschool parents to sponsor an individual tube, a full fixture (two tubes), perhaps a full room that they love, or provide a donation amount towards LED exterior lighting to make this transition a reality.
Volunteers will be needed to retrofit the fixtures at a workday on May 15. We will need people who are comfortable on a ladder and have experience with basic electrical work (if you can switch out an outlet, we need you!) We will teach you how to transition the fixtures! 
Please consider contributing to this great cause! You may give here.
The Workday is Saturday, May 15, at 9AM. Please email Paul to tell us you are coming to the workday:
Thank you. 
Sponsored by the Environmental Stewardship Team