I pray you are well. I wish I could give you an update when we will open for in-person worship. Many folk have been asking me for information. The bishop and the diocese will let us know as soon as they believe it is safe. At this time, I am not expecting us to open for Holy Week and Easter. We are planning for virtual services.
The COVID metrics are declining and this is good news. Here is the website that vestry and I watch for data on COVID incidences in Ohio. Lucas County remains red as well as most counties in the state.
If we are able to open before Easter, we certainly will. We will scrap our virtual plans and open the doors with appropriate mitigation protocols. For now, we journey through Lent in a spiritual wilderness. Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness and we are just as vulnerable. Resists the temptations. Keep up with your prayers. Call on me for conversation. I miss you so very much.
Peace, Paul