Many announcements below. Please note the Annual meeting is Feb. 7. The start time has been pushed back to 11:15AM. This is a 15 minute delay for two reasons. I realized my laptop is used to livestream worship and then immediately host the annual meeting. We need the extra time to set up equipment. Please join early to avoid technical issues with registration. We will hold a coffee hour as soon as my laptop goes online. Use the same link as your registration. Essentiall, join early. The annual meeting convenes at 11:15. Second, Bishop Mark will preach on February 7. This is a gift to all the parishes in the diocese and it is appreciated by us on the occasion of our annual meeting.
The agenda and supporting materials for the Annual Meeting will be published Monday, February 1st on the parish website. You must register to participate in the meeting. See below.
Once again I encourage people to join the Prayer Chain. Just send me an email. I will include you. We have several members in hospice and/or experiencing Covid in various degrees. The Prayer Chain involves frequent emails with more immediate updates than the weekly Communicant.
Peace, Paul+