As we move into Fall, I am concerned for the many members who seemed detached from parish life. I use the word detached because I don’t know if folk are engaged in their spiritual lives, or if they have dropped their spiritual disciplines over six months of COVID-19. We could possibly experience another six months of limited social interaction.

I encourage you to reach out to members of the congregation. Call your friends. Text them. Send notes. Don’t assume they are OK. Find out how they are doing. We mustn’t lose track of one another in the parish community. We must insist on remaining in community. We must be the Church, not take a hiatus from it.

We are open for in-person worship on Sundays and Wednesdays. Attendance is appropriately small. Reservations are required for Sunday. Attendance is so low on Wednesday that no reservation is needed.

Be safe and stay healthy. I am sorry to announce the passing of Dan Stein. He died Thursday in Hospice. A separate email will be forthcoming when we have arrangements. Please keep Claudia in your prayers.