We are open for in-person worship. You must make a reservation for Sunday services: 8 & 10AM. No reservation needed for Wednesdays: noon and 6PM.

Last Sunday was a good first time experience. COVID protocols apply and I assume they will continue for a long while. This means it’s time to get your spiritual disciplines in gear. Come back to church, or get online. Our livestream skills improve every week. Wednesday attendance was very small. This is good news for people who want to avoid larger groups.

We are moving our weekly email to Friday afternoon. It will mirror the weekly announcements. We have a variety of Formation Ministries happening online. Go to our newsletter for more details. Click Here

FYI. For the all emails you have received over the past six months, we have also sent paper mail to about 15 persons who don’t have internet access, including sermons. I am told this is greatly appreciated. If you know of a family or person who has lost touch with St. Paul’s, please reach out to me. I will reach out to them.