Our Ash Wednesday online service will be available on the parish website on Wednesday, February 17. You may make your own ashes at home. 
  1. Burn a candle. 
  2. Extinguish the candle and let it cool. 
  3. Rub your fingers on the wick and apply to your forehead. 
Let us Pray,

Most gracious Savior, as we prepare these ashes to be a sign of our willingness to die to this life in order to find new life in you, grant that we may likewise prepare ourselves for the Lenten journey of self-sacrifice, to the end that we might each become a sign to the world of God’s undying and eternal love. Amen.


You may also apply a drop of olive oil to your finger before you collect the ash from the candle. This will help the ash stay on your forehead. Another option is to run your finger on the brick liner in your fireplace. Whatever method you try to acquire ash, we will say the prayer together in the service. Your Book of Common Prayer will be helpful to read along.  It is better to vocalize the prayers yourself than watch Paul say it on a screen.  So, let’s say the prayers together.