Exploring the Torah

The Hebrew Scriptures (also known as the “Old Testament”) can sometimes seem too confusing, too boring, or simply not relevant to many Christians today. However, the Hebrew Scriptures are packed with wisdom that is not only relevant to today, but also illuminates the teaching and ministry of Jesus in surprising ways.

Have you ever tried to read the whole Bible and gotten bogged down in the laws, geneologies, instructions for the tabernacle, or strange poetry? Most of us have! This Bible Study will use resources from scholars to help us to study the text together, in community.

Each week, participants are invited to listen to a podcast from the Bible Project and read a few chapters of the Bible. We will read parts of the chapters during our gathering and have discussion about what we’ve learned. Even if you don’t have time to listen to the podcast or read the text ahead of time, you are invited to participate in the study and discussion.

We will gather on Zoom from 8-9PM on Wednesdays. Join us any time!

Podcast and Bible Chapter List:

Exodus Scroll

April 24: Episode 1 – Exodus 1-4 (“God” is not a name)

May 1: Episode 2 – Exodus 5-9 (Yahweh and the Exodus)

May 8: Episode 3 – Exodus 9-11 (Why are there 10 plagues?)

May 15: No Bible Study

May 22 (Begins at 8:15): Episode 4 – Exodus 12-15 (God tests the chosen ones)

May 29: Episode 5 – Exodus 16-18 (Israel tests Yahweh)

June 5:┬áNo Bible Study – Summer Break