Due to concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunday services at St. Paul’s are cancelled March 15 and 22.  Bishop Hollingsworth has authorized parishes to cancel through March 29.  We will evaluate and determine closing worship on March 29 as we get closer.  

You will still have opportunities to worship at home.  My Sunday’s sermon will be delivered on the website.  The National Cathedral will livestream the Sunday service at 11:15am and the Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry will preach.  Go to https://cathedral.org.  They are closed to the public.  In addition, the Diocese of Ohio Trinity Cathedral will livestream Sunday service at 10:00am.  They are also closed to in-person worship.  

In-person meetings at St. Paul’s are cancelled thru March.  This includes Saturday’s Multi-Faith Abrahamic dinner and Girlfriends in God.  The preschool is closed through Easter.  The exception is AA.  I am allowing AA to self-direct their meetings.

Our Wednesday Lenten Series, Why Church Matters, will continue online, at 7pm.  We had a successful webinar last Wednesday.  It was a positive experience and I encourage you to participate from home.  I will lecture this coming Wednesday.  Go to our website for webinar instructions or call me to help get you set up.  

It is important for us to remain in community while we engage social distancing.  Call one another to check in.  Emails are nice, but phoning is better.  I am always available to talk.  My cell phone is 419-367-6921.  Check the website for frequent updates on our social media ministries.  

Pray for one another and the church.  This is a moment in our lives when the church truly matters, but we are tempted to distance ourselves from the Holy Spirit.  Many of us will merely experience an inconvenience. We have members for which COVID-19 is a real threat.   All of us are concerned for the financial hardship that may ensue.  We need one another and we need to remain in community.  

May God Bless you.  Stay safe and healthy.