December 15 – Altar: In honor of our 46th wedding anniversary and for our many blessings by Dan & Claudia Stein.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Ashley W. DuPraw given by his wife Mary and his daughter and son-in-law, Kathi & Dennis Granzow.  Chancel:  OPEN.

December 22 – Altar: In loving memory of The Rev. Howard & Marge Graham by David & Jane Weber.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Robert and Dorothy Stitt from their family.  Chancel:  In Thanksgiving for the friendship and 89th birthday on December 10th of our friend, Jerry Hiles by Fran & John Board.

December 29 – Christmas Poinsettia’s.

January 5 – Christmas Poinsettia’s.

January 12 – Altar:  In memory of Elsie Seymour, Irwin Nolte, Eleanor Nolte, Ernest & Dorothy Lippert and Henry Lippert by Ernie & Judy Lippert.  Chancel:  In honor of my mother, Mary DuPraw’s 100th birthday by Dennis & Kathi Granzow.  Chancel:  In memory of family members by Anne Johnson.

January 19 – Altar:  In memory of Marjorie & Calvin Wilson by Neil & Mary Jane Horn and family.  Chancel:  In memory of her father, Ray Greene, by Kathy Greene.  Chancel:  OPEN.

January 26 – Altar:  In loving memory of Michael & Margaret Kundracik, Virginia Rhoby, and Eddie Music by Deno and Jane Music.  Chancel: In honor of our granddaughter, Anna Claire, on her third birthday by Andrew M. & Stephanie Pawuk.  Chancel:  OPEN.