September 15 – Altar: In thanksgiving for their grandchildren by Dan & Claudia Stein.  Chancel:  In thanksgiving for many blessing by Carole Kiroff.  Chancel:  In loving memory and celebration of Dick & Mary Lou Huffman who left us with wonderful memories by the Garro family.

September 22 – Altar: In honor of Fred Schwier’s birthday by Priscilla, Lissa, Chip and Kristina.  Chancel:  OPEN.  Chancel:  OPEN.

September 29 – Altar: In loving memory of Kerchival & Betty Dean by Bill & Karen Dean.  Chancel:  In thanksgiving for family and friends by Guillermo & Ellen Bernal.  Chancel:  In thanksgiving for family, friends and especially for the birth of Riley Elizabeth Rager by Phyllis Pacifico.

October 7 – Altar: In loving memory of her brother, John Williams, Jr. and her father, John Williams, Sr. by Linda Fravel.  Chancel:  In celebration of her daughter, Kthy Granzow’s birthday and in memory of the birthdays of my daughter, Shari and my grandson, Matthew Granzow by Mary DuPraw.  Chancel:  OPEN.

October 14 – Altar: In loving memory of Roger Dean by Lori & Matt Swiergosz and Linda & Gary Conley.  Chancel:  To the glory of God and in thanksgiving for her four grandsons, Bruce, Will, Thomas, and Finn by Michele Alexander.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Ray on what would have been our 60th wedding anniversary on October 18th by Phyllis Gallo.

October 20 – Altar:  In appreciation of all those who volunteer at St. Paul’s by Fred & Priscilla Schwier.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Laird Riffer and Gerard Blanchard by David & Sherry Riffer.  Chancel:  In memory of our son Matthew Granzow’s 41st birthday on October 16th by Dennis & Kathy Granzow.

October 27 – Altar:  In celebration of the 35th birthday of her daughter, Dana on October 24th and in loving memory of her mother, Jan Deatrick on her October 28th birthday by Kathy Greene.  Chancel:  In celebration and joy of Ray Duff’s 89th birthday on October 24th by Chris Hammer.
Chancel:  OPEN.