A new program has started for our households!

We have been thrown into a world turned upside down from our normal way of life. We are all separated physically, yet we are all in this together – a loving, supportive community following Jesus. In many ways, we are like the early church in the Roman Empire (well, with the help of Zoom!). We are all practicing our faith in our own places, physically unable to share worship and fellowship in person. However, just like the early churches, we have the love of Jesus in common. Also, like the early church, we have St. Paul to travel around and visit us, each in our own part of the church. St. Paul wrote 7 (or maybe 13, we aren’t sure!) letters that made it into the Bible, each to a church in a town separated from all the other churches. He gave them greetings, support, and prayers. He made suggestions of ways that they could practice their faith. Sometimes he told them he was disappointed in them and how they could do better, but he always told them how much he and God loved them.

St. Paul will be traveling to households within our parish.  Families will take him along as they go through their days to get a sense of what their life is like during these Coronavirus times.  These pictures will be loaded to a special website, along with the letters that children and adults write to others.  How have you found God during the pandemic?  What adivce would you send to others?