Students in grades 3-5 are encouraged to get a snack with their church family at Coffee Hour, then meet in the Library around 11:15 for class until 11:45. Each student who participates will receive their own copy of Manna and Mercy: An Interactive Edition for Kids. Children will enjoy this way of learning the stories of faith together in a meaningful and memorable way, and we will have fun with games and other activities as the students have interest.

Manna and Mercy is a hand-printed paraphrase of the bible, from Genesis to Revelation  —  a graphic novel of sorts, written with imagination, clarity, humor, and cartoons.  Built around the twin themes of food sharing and forgiveness, it helps us to look at scripture with new eyes and rediscover how it can become a means of life and grace rather than destruction and death. Manna and Mercy was written and illustrated by the late Daniel Erlander.