Outreach Advocacy Team Update!

Are you interested in working to counteract hate and oppression?  Join the Reconciliation Team!

We have plans for the fall and winter, including:

Dialogue to Change Toledo

Book Club (White folks and POC together)

Participation in Commission for Racial Understanding events

The history of the Reconciliation Team:

Different people within the parish have studied institutional racism, taken Sacred Ground classes, helped asylum seekers, learned more about refugee ministries, watched documentaries, or participated in Commission for Racial Understanding events.  Whenever we have a class or event, there is a desire to continue the conversation, and to move from conversation to action.

These meetings are an intentional opportunity to continue the conversation.  We will share resources and continue to learn.  We can discuss how to share information with others.  And we can discuss what anti-racist actions we can take together to work towards Beloved Community.

The meetings will be brief and will be virtual even after COVID to make participation in them easy to fit into a busy day.  (If you do not have access to digital technologies, we can help with that!)

Questions?  Contact Jennifer Vasquez.