St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Treasurer’s report February 2022


Total endowments are listed at a total of $2,832,965, with the operating endowment showing $845,880. This is an increase of $223,440 from December 2021. Due to system and staff changes, we do not yet have detail regarding unrealized gain, interest and dividends earned, and payouts. These will be provided in future reports, as will prior year-end and prior quarter-end.


Pledge payments and gifts were $19,527 against a budget of $33,071. Current month operating total shows a current loss of $16,327 against a budgeted loss of $7,787. Year-to-date net loss is $30,555 against a budgeted loss of $15,574. Current period loss is primarily due to pledge payments being under budget, being straight-lined in the budget, and salaries, also straight-lined in the budget.

Elizabeth Wayne Preschool is showing a year-to-date loss of $982 against a budget of -0-. The preschool is applying for Federal grants totaling $90,695 throughout 2022. These funds will be used for non-budgeted expenses including additional equipment and staff development.

Under one Roof has an ending balance of $41,054. Gift card balances will be provided in future reports.

Respectfully Submitted:
Mark Christophono, Treasurer