June 24-28

9:00-11:30 AM

We are very excited to be planning our 2019 Vacation Bible School week! Our theme is “Who is my neighbor?”, and the children will even get to meet and serve some neighbors during their week of VBS!

Volunteers are still welcome to participate! See Jennifer or sign-up on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall if you’re interested. Grades 5 and up are welcome to volunteer! We will meet on June 2 and 23 at 11:30 for orientation.

Registration is open for children age 3 (and potty-trained) through grade 4 (completed). Click here to register.

More about our curriculum:

Who is my neighbor? Neighbors are more than people who live next door. Neighbors are more than people in our families or communities. Through five carefully chosen Bible stories, Who Is My Neighbor VBS leads children on a journey to discover more about God’s great love. From looking at how to be a neighbor to diving into what it means to live out our faith, this interactive VBS series will lead children deeply into Bible stories focused on God’s care and compassion for neighbors close at hand and around the world. Join us as we discover neighbors near and far!