The new vestry class was seated in February with new members Jaimie Deye and Bill Fayerweather joining us along with Jennifer Hoelzer and Mark Christophono, our Treasurer,  extending their terms another 3 years.  Vestry elected Jonathon Ashton to be our Senior Warden and Deno Music to be Junior Warden.  Vestry held a retreat on Saturday 2/18 at St. Paul’s.  Jerry Martz was kind enough to moderate a strategic planning discussion that has led to the renewal of our Strategic Planning comm. which Jennifer Hoelzer will chair.  Several initiatives have been identified to be worked on.  One that was addressed immediately was the need to boost the voices in our choir by adding section leaders for the Easter season.    We hope this contributes much to the musical worship.  Our committees are active and re-engaged and we look forward to reporting on activities that enhance our Church life in the months to come.

Please use the link above to read more information on the parish vestry, and to view vestry documents.