June 16 – Altar:  In honor of all fathers and especially their fathers, Ted Lamb, Fred Schwier and Bob Guyton by Lissa, Chip and Kristina Guyton and Priscilla Schwier.  Altar: In memory of our fathers, Arnold Rich and George Light by Jim Rich and Terry Fraker.  Chancel:  In loving memory of John Tallman by his family.  Chancel:  In loving memory of her grandmothers, Rose Frisch and Rose Schnell by Carol Sachs.

June 23 – Altar: In thanksgiving for their 18th wedding anniversary by Kris & Jerry Martz.  Chancel:  For my many blessings by Chris Hammer.  Chancel:  OPEN.

June 30 – Altar:  In loving memory of my grandparents, Ralph & Lila Burdo and my parents, Frederic & Suzanne Burdo by Claudia Burdo Stein.  Chancel:  In honor of the birthday today of Carolyn Stipe by the Robinson family.  Chancel:  In celebration for the 16th birthday of Eric Paul Board on June 28th by John & Fran Board.

July 7 – Altar: In memory of James & Dora Kiroff by Carole Kiroff.  Chancel:  In celebration of Jennifer Mack and Kim Eriksson’s 4th wedding anniversary by Art & Connie Smith.  Chancel:  OPEN.

July 14 – Altar: In loving memory of our son, and Mary DuPraw’s dear grandson, Matthew S. Granzow by Dennis & Kathi Granzow.  Chancel:  OPEN.  Chancel:  OPEN.

July 21 – Altar:  In celebration of the birthdays of Tracey & Bobby Pratt by Terry Pratt.  Chancel:  OPEN.  Chancel:  OPEN.

July 28 – Altar:  In loving memory of Bruce and Eugenia Fayerweather by Bill & Linda Fayerweather.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Donna Hoelzer, Barbara DeWitt, & Ken DeWitt by Jennifer, Ron and Olivia Hoelzer.  Chancel:  OPEN.