February 24 – Altar:  In loving memory of Robert & Bertha Carrithers, Jim Carrithers and Susan Carrithers Strauss by Leslie Milauc.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Trish & Kenneth Barker by Courtney Byrne.  Chancel: In thanksgiving for the Board family – John & Fran, Paul & Lori, Sarah, Michael, and Eric by Chris Hammer.

March 3 – Altar: In celebration of Kris Martz’s birthday by Jerry and sons, Ben And Patrick.  Chancel: For good health for family and friends by Richard & Mary Ann Hagy.  Chancel:  In thanksgiving for Bill & Fredi Heywood by Chris Hammer.

March 10 – Chancel:  In memory of my mother, Grace Griffith Johnson by Fran Board.  Chancel:  In loving memory of our mother and grandmother, Helen J. Womack by her family.

March 17 – Chancel: In loving memory of Connie’s father, Earl W. Naylor by Art & Connie Smith.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Tony Bashore by Barry & Anne Bashore.

March 24 – Chancel: In honor of my mother Alvina Frisch’s 96th birthday by Carol Sachs.  Chancel: In loving memory of by husband Ray’s birth anniversary on March 23 by Phyllis Gallo.