October 21 – Altar: In loving memory of Bob Guyton, Prudence & Ted Lamb, and Lambie Guyton Stout by Lissa Guyton, Chip & Kristina Guyton and Fred & Priscilla Schwier.  Chancel: In loving memory of Laird Riffer and Gerard Blanchard by David & Sherry Riffer.  Chancel:  In memory of Matthew Granzow’s 40th bithday on October 16th by Dennis 7 Kathy Granzow.

October 28 – Altar:  In celebration of the 34th birthday of her daughter, Dana on October 24th and in loving memory of her mother, Jan Deatrick on her October 28th birthday by Kathy Greene.  Chancel:  In celebration and joy of Ray Duff’s 88th birthday on October 24 by Chris Hammer.  Chancel:  OPEN.

November 4 – Altar: In loving memory of her mother, Opal Light by Terry Fraker.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Thelma & Robert Sechler by Lois & Charles Sechler.  Chancel:  OPEN.

November 11Altar:  OPEN.  Chancel:  OPEN.  Chancel:  OPEN.

November 18 – Altar: Given in honor of my father, Luke Johnson, who died November 20, 1963 by Ruth Board.  Chancel:  In celebration of Jen Hoelzer’s birthday by her family, Ron & Olivia Hoelzer.  Chancel:  OPEN.

November 26 – Altar:  In loving memory of Helen Womack by William & Karen Womack.  Chancel:  In thanksgiving for our friends and family and in petition for those needing our prayers by Karen & Jim Smith.  Chancel:  OPEN.