August 19 – Altar: In grateful thanksgiving for our 35th wedding anniversary by Anne & Barry Bashore.  Chancel:  ln celebration of their 43rd wedding anniversary by Don & Joyce Saftner.  Chancel:  In honor of Phyllis Knopp, whose faith has inspired us all.  Given by the Martz family.

August 26 – Altar: In memory of the 8/31/46 wedding anniversary of Robert & Lee Lucas, parents of Linda, by Bill & Linda Fayerweather.  Chancel:  In loving memory of Brianna Smith, who was Rachel’s liver transplant donor 18 years ago.  Chancel:  In celebration of Jake’s August 30th birthday by his parents, Mike & Karen Bogdan.

September 2 – Altar: In memory of Lambie Stout’s birth date on September 7th and in celebration of Elizabeth’s 14th birthday by her loving family.  Chancel: In celebration of our September 5th anniversary and Art’s September 8th birthday by Art & Connie Smith.  Chancel:  In celebration of John Michael Board’s 19th birthday on September 3rd by his grandparents, John & Fran Board.

September 9 – Altar: In memory of Richard & Alma Hartman; Carol & Clifford B., Ony, James B., and June & Clifford C. Dussel by the Dussel family.  Chancel: In loving memory of our parents, Virgie & Ray Rhoby and Margaret & Michael Kundracik by Jane & Deno Music.  Chancel:  In celebration of the fall birthdays of my children: Iva, Eden and Isaac by Stephanie Box.

September 16 – Altar: In thanksgiving for their grandchildren by Dan & Claudia Stein.  Chancel: In loving memory and celebration of Dick & Mary Lou Huffman who left us with wonderful memories by the Garro family.  Chancel:  OPEN.

September 23 – Altar: In honor of Fred Schwier’s birthday by Priscilla, Lissa, Chip and Kristina.  Chancel: In loving memory of her husband, Louis W. Bigley by Maxine Bigley.  Chancel:  In memory of Harold Stone by his loving wife, Marion and family.

September 30 – Altar: In loving memory of Kerchival & Betty Bean by Bill & Karen Dean.  Chancel: In thanksgiving for family and friends by Guillermo & Ellen Bernal.  Chancel:  OPEN.